Sleep Apnoea

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Comprehensive Sleep Apnoea Testing and Diagnosis

At Medicines R Us Chemists, we prioritize your sleep health. Partnering with BOC SleepCare, we bring you advanced Home Sleep Testing (HST) services. Our aim is to provide accurate and convenient sleep apnea testing, ensuring you get the quality care you deserve right from your home.

Our HST Service Highlights:

  • Versatile Testing Devices: Select from a variety of HST devices, each tailored for different age groups and specific diagnostic needs.
  • No Long-term Commitments: Whether you need occasional or regular testing, our flexible service model caters to all requirements.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We employ the latest technological advancements in our devices for precise and thorough sleep studies.

Premier Sleep Apnea Equipment

Medicines R Us Chemists, in collaboration with BOC SleepCare, offers a diverse range of sleep apnea machines and equipment, catering to every aspect of sleep apnea management.

Product Range Includes:

  • ResMed AirSense Series: Renowned for quiet operation and integrated humidifiers, these CPAP machines provide comfort and efficiency.
  • Portable CPAP Machines: Our portable selections like the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP are ideal for users on the move, ensuring uninterrupted therapy.
  • Varied Mask Options: Choose from our extensive range of masks, from minimal-contact to full-face designs, for your personalized comfort.

Partnering with Philips Respironics

Through our partnership with Philips Respironics, we bring you cutting-edge products from a leader in sleep apnea care. Their comprehensive range of sleep therapy solutions meets a wide array of needs and preferences.

Educational Resources and Expert Support

We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. Explore our resources to learn about sleep apnea symptoms, effective treatments, and lifestyle tips for better sleep health.

Convenient Online Shopping

Discover and purchase the latest in sleep apnea equipment through our easy-to-use online platform. Secure and straightforward, our online store simplifies your shopping experience.

Customer Support You Can Rely On

Our expert team is dedicated to assisting you. Whether you need help choosing a product, have questions about your order, or require support, we are here for you.